Sunday, April 15, 2012

This Is The New Era!!!

Hi Redd,

I know you don’t agree with me, but a lot of things haven’t really happened since you last saw me
Yes, I met a couple of amazing people, got busy as usual, made some crazy decisions … But I maintain that I’m still as random as the “Victory girl”

I imagine you are rolling your eyes and saying… Yea yea.. But really that’s it!

Oooh before I forget, I am not sure about my love for Danielle Steel anymore, or even if “coming to America” is still my favorite movie… Infact, I  have seen two Nigerian movies that have made it to  Nike’s Top 10.  

I cannot even start to explain the “many wonders of Coffee, Coca-Cola and Sav”. I insist, I’d tell you about this in person.

Gone is the love for Berry Blast… This is the new era!!! 

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  1. hmmm if u ask me, i think it is age.............