Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Life as we all know it

So Life as i know it is gradually changing.

And ooh, in other related but scattered news, i love my BB like crazy. Since i got my first pair in August 2008, there's been no looking back. So my colleague Anita is mad at the fact that i have like 300 and something contacts on BBM. In her words, "What is it for please"?

Moving on my friend Bambo pings me and says "Nike, Taiwo is getting married", i'm like waoh... Really, thats cool. Then she goes on and on about me buying Aso Ebi and things.. Long story short, i never hear anything till today... Good/ Bad? Hmmmn. .. I no know o... Lool

Then my really good friend ..... Make i no call her name.... Lol (she's so incharge of getting my jackets, so i don't want to vex and tell me to look for where to shop for jacket in Naija, so i won't) says to me on BB.

Friend- U, can you wear dress and heel?

Me- Huh?

Friend- Question answer

Me- I can try

Friend- Ok, you know i am engaged :p, so maybe i'd force you to wear

Me- :o , i nor wear dress o

Friend- Were (mad woman), you must wear

Scenario 2- Oluchi, one of my closest friends from Nigerian Idol days is now a PH girl, we've waited for weeks to see where Guiness will will post her, and last Thursday, she tweets "My colleagues and i luk like contestants of Nigerian Idol waiting for eviction to start #TearyThursday. So i follow up BBM style. Yesterday, she hits me up

Oluchi- Am in PH

Me- That's good na, makes lil sense

Oluchi- Yes na

Me- So ya now PH based

Oluchi- Hmmmn e tire me o beta be booking ur flight to come

Na wa o... Which reminds me o... Omes and Glory, you people sef can like to start booking flight to come to Lagos o.. I figured i'd just stop begging you in real life and stick to online/ cyber bullying

Anyways, i'm out ... Hoping to hear some kain new things as soon as drop this pen, i hope i won't be shocked. At least change is the only constant thing in life

I remain Victory

Ok, so i'm seriously thinking of changing my name to Victory....

There's been so much to say, but then no one to talk to ...

I think i'd just probably say it in a very diplomatic way. Last week has been one decision making for me, you know the sort of decision where your friends, family, colleagues cant make for you?

So at some point, i decided to sample people's opinon, and then i realise something- The more i ask, thr more confused that i get. Sure feels like some decision yea?

But then, on Sunday, im at Global Harvest Church, somewhere my sister has convinced me more than a million times to attend (Well thats an exaggeration, but please get used to it o), and there is a line i pick up from the chior "I know my identity, my name is victory"

... So my decision is not made but then i know that whatever decision i make, it doesnt change who i am ... I am adopting the name Victory. So *in Wizkid's voice" if you see me drive by, Holla Victory