Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I remain Victory

Ok, so i'm seriously thinking of changing my name to Victory....

There's been so much to say, but then no one to talk to ...

I think i'd just probably say it in a very diplomatic way. Last week has been one decision making for me, you know the sort of decision where your friends, family, colleagues cant make for you?

So at some point, i decided to sample people's opinon, and then i realise something- The more i ask, thr more confused that i get. Sure feels like some decision yea?

But then, on Sunday, im at Global Harvest Church, somewhere my sister has convinced me more than a million times to attend (Well thats an exaggeration, but please get used to it o), and there is a line i pick up from the chior "I know my identity, my name is victory"

... So my decision is not made but then i know that whatever decision i make, it doesnt change who i am ... I am adopting the name Victory. So *in Wizkid's voice" if you see me drive by, Holla Victory


  1. Pls write longer.ur narrative is enjoyable

  2. been so long, good write up, and yeah your name shuld be Olanike Victory Fagbule..........