Thursday, August 4, 2011

Things I do

My favorite blackberry smiley is gradually coming to life.... Huh right? Yea huh? Thats my favorite blackberry smiley yea....

See  us BBing away
Say a word to me and then my facial expression goes Huh? Like it is on your bb... Oya quick run go check how it looks... Lol

OK so ya back shey? As a fan and team member of Rim... I find it really funny that gradually.. The apple syndrome is over taking over me... Ooh.. Dont get it twisted, I no too like to dey chop apple o.. But then, I touch one... Lol

This week has been one with many dramas, from the release of the headies nominees list to the MTV base Big Friday show... It's been work, play, deadlines, Subs... Etc etc... I'd come out safe sha... Na so the thing go... And ooh, I forgot to mention I sold my car...

Anyways, a couple of people mentioned that they like my blog.. so I'm gonna be paying attention to the thing sef...

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