Friday, June 10, 2011

Playful or Weird

So, people say i play too much? yea yea .... The other day, i was saying something really serious about a colleague of mine walking through the glass, and every one thought i was lying until he came himself to give them the full gist... Whatever!!!

Some others say i can form? Ok thats so not true. Well messing with you, i am just someone people need to understand. Wo, i dont know jor .

Enough of trying to justify me.

In other unreleated news, I'm so in love with The Cranberries at the moment. .. Its so unbelievable. And to think my brother was a fan in 2003? It was so awkward waking up to The Cranberries playing every morning when every other family wakes up to morning devotions....

So exactly nine years after, my colleague Osagie hooks me up with the CD.... Ooooh sorry, he actually didn't hook me up like that.... I come into the office, and dude is there listening with head phones listening to something i cant pinpoint.... "Sup Osagie" i mumble... "Hey Hey Nike, how was your weekend" he replies. 'Was alright, cant complain"... Then i grab the CD on his table.... "OOH, The Cranberries, can i rip"... "Why not?, when i'm done, i'd pass it on"...

So thats the story.... From ripping it to my system, the CD is in my car now, and the songs are on my phone.. For easy access....

Please remind me to thank Osagie on twitter for a CD he hasn't given me yet... Weird yea? Everyone that gets into the car i call mine can like to sing along when i'm screaming "In your head, in your head, zombie zombie zombie zombie......."


  1. Nike, I love the cranberries too.. Always knew u were weird

  2. Lol... See Nike FAGBULE chancer. My favorite cranberries tune will be "Linger"

  3. Zombies - cranberries . #Rocks!! U̶̲̥̅̊ shuld try "Linger"